ASM Industries signs investment agreement of 4.5 million euros for its wind towers unit

  • On 25 July, 2018

ASM Industries, the largest Portuguese producer of wind towers and offshore foundations, recently closed an investment agreement worth 4.5 million euros, equivalent to the acquisition of 15% of its industrial unit, ASM Offshore, by an institutional investor. “This is an absolutely crucial step for ASM Industries and ASM Offshore, our industrial unit dedicated to the manufacture of wind towers and offshore foundations [manufacture of equipment for the production of renewable energy at sea]. This financial participation allows us to maintain the accelerated pace of sustained growth and consolidate our presence in the offshore sector, which already stands out as the largest player in Portugal, but aiming to be one of the largest in Europe “, points out Adelino Costa Matos, CEO of ASM Industries

The new ASM Offshore Industrial Unit located in the port of Aveiro starts its operation in March 2019. The financial strengthening makes it possible to meet the strategic goals of ASM Industries, which purposes to reach 50 million euros in 2020. Since 2014 the company has been growing steadily growing at a yearly rate of 20%, but this year will achieve 100%.

«We are creating in Portugal a world-class reference metalworking group in the Renewable Energy and Offshore sector, a market with high growth and future potential. We want to compete on an equal footing with major international companies in the area, and export from Portugal to all of Europe and America,” says Adelino Costa Matos. We are proud of our modern industrial and technologically advanced model in a traditional steel works sector. However, our strength lies in the excellent team we have, young, dynamic and dedicated, fearless of working and competing with the largest companies in a rapidly expanding market. It is the spirit and attitude that sets us apart.

New offshore production unit creates 150 jobs in the Port of Aveiro

“We are investing in the Port of Aveiro, with a new factory that will open its doors in March 2019, with 150 new jobs. It will probably be one of the largest metalworking shops in our country and with the highest lifting capacity, with the ability to serial manufacture individual components of 450 tons, namely towers and Offshore Wind Foundations, “says Adelino Costa Matos.

The new industrial infrastructure comprises a total area of about 72 thousand mand will be installed in the Logistics and Industrial Activities Zone of the Port of Aveiro (ZALI). It represents an investment of 29 million euros, supported by co-financing of the Compete 2020 / Portugal 2020 program / European Structural and Development Funds of the European Union.

Adelino Costa Matos also points out that «this new plant is unique in Portugal, with a strategic location and direct access to a port dock that allows the reception of raw materials and load out finished products of extraordinary weight and dimensions, which will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology.