ASM Industries successfully delivers platform for new offshore wind farm in Viana do Castelo

  • On 23 October, 2019

ASM Industries, the largest Portuguese producer of wind towers and offshore foundations (manufacture of equipment for the production of renewable energy at sea), successfully performed the test and floating operations of the first of the two contracted platforms, which will be installed at the new offshore wind farm at Viana do Castelo, under the WindFloat Atlantic project.

“The tests were very successful and totally safe, and were the culmination of several months of hard and continuous work, which we proudly are part of, but also all our partners and suppliers, as well as the entire national industry”», says Adelino Costa Matos, CEO of ASM Industries. “This is a project that positions Portugal in the spotlight of floating solutions for the offshore wind industry, and demonstrates ASM’s competence and resilience in complex and challenging projects.”



ASM Industries continues to work on Windfloat Atlantic project, with the second platform currently being finalized.

“This project reinforces our experience and know-how in the manufacture of structures for the ocean sector, and for the sustainable growth of the company and the entire sector in general.”, points Adelino Costa Matos. “We want to continue to integrate new and challenging projects to make a positive contribution to a green economy and sustainable development.”

The WindFloat Atlantic project, owned by Windplus, aims to harness offshore wind energy through innovative technology from Principle Power. It consists in three semi-submersible floating platforms, on which a wind turbine with 8.4 MW (megawatts) of production capacity is based. This innovative technology enables the exploration of offshore wind potential at depths greater than 40 meters.