ASM Offshore marks the start of the operations

  • On 3 May, 2019

The new industrial unit of the holding company ASM Industries has begun in the last weeks the tests operations, with a view to the calibration and commissioning of the productive equipments and preparation of the production ramp-up.

This phase, with an expected duration of 2 months, aims to test the capacities, the good functioning and constraints of all equipment and infrastructures of the productive flow, identify, anticipate and mitigate risks and difficulties still in the pre-production stage and allows the operating teams and of maintenance to receive all the necessary training for a good performance of the equipment in productive phase.

“It is with great satisfaction that this team sees a further step in the execution of the project that has been proposed, recognizing the importance that ASMO will have for the growth and affirmation of the ASM Industries group. This is an important moment, where we will increasingly highlight the involvement and growth of all operational team of this industrial unit. It is also a milestone that allows us to face with optimism the coming requirements that a challenge of this magnitude entails. Given the perception of what has been achieved to date, the adversities and unforeseen events that have arisen and the enormous challenges that have already been overcome, the team has demonstrated a great capacity for perseverance and resilience, based on the cultural values at the origin and essential for the good continuation of subsequent phases.

The new industrial infrastructure comprises a total area of about 72 thousand m2 and will be installed in the Logistics and Industrial Activities Zone of the Port of Aveiro (ZALI). It represents an investment of 29 million euros, supported by co-financing of the Compete 2020 / Portugal 2020 program / European Structural and Development Funds of the European Union.

It is certainly one the biggest steel fabrication facilities in Portugal, with a significant lifting capacity and the ability to serial manufacture wind towers and offshore foundations.