Young people from higher education visit ASM Energia

  • On 29 April, 2019

Last week, ASM Energia in Sever do Vouga received some students from Ílhavo, who are attending higher education.

Considering the social reality and the importance of the qualification of the inhabitants, the Municipality of Ílhavo offers scholarships and, in return, it is up to the students to provide support and participate in activities developed by the Municipality. One of these activities is related to the theme Entrepreneurship.

Initially, Entrepreneurship Workshops were held, followed by study visits to Business Incubators, Business Centers and / or Companies so that students have direct contact with business reality.

In this context, young people had the opportunity to know the entire production process, without first realizing what our business lines, strategic objectives and the path of growth and innovation to date. In this way the need for organizations to be pioneers and entrepreneurs was instilled, with a very important motto “spired by origins, we challenge the present and manufacture the future.

It is always a source of great satisfaction for ASM Industries, which is also in line with the strategy of growth and reinforcement of image and presence in the society around us.