New corporate office location

  • On 19 August, 2019

Since the beginning of June, ASM Industries has its corporate office located in the Edifício Ana Vieira, on Avenida Dr. Lourenço Peixinho, in the city of Aveiro.

In addition to the comfort and greater team spirit that this new space provides, these offices also promote greater functionality and efficiency. The choice of this location also took into consideration the need to position ourselves in an urban center, with good accessibility for those who visit us and enabling the access to the talents needed to grow and evolve.

From Aveiro we have quick access to our operating units – ASM Energia in Sever do Vouga, ASM Offshore in Aveiro Port and ASM Marine in Setúbal – always ensuring the necessary interaction with the corporate staff.

This change does not detract from ASM Industries’ values, nor is it a waiver of the company’s foundation. Quite the opposite, we believe that this decision enables us to improve and continue to grow, in an increasingly organized and sustained manner, in line with the defined strategy.