Nine years providing steel solutions to the energy sector

  • On 23 October, 2015

It was on 23 October 2006 that ASM Energia was founded, initially projected as a strategic turning point in the ASM Group‘s development line. Since then, it has been highlighted as a reference supplier of steel equipment, especially for the wind energy industry.

During  its nine years of existence it contributed in a very positive way and with special focus on increasing of the wind power installation especially in Portugal and Europe, but also in Latin America. Although operating a highly competitive and volatile industry, ASM Energia has always assured to its customers a long-term vision, high levels of quality and competitiveness.

It has participated actively in innovative projects related to  steel products and solutions, of which can be highlighted the Safetower, Pelamis, WaveRoller and Windfloat1 prototype in which ASM Energia participated as supplier of the complete platform.

Always focused on the future and development of its business,  keeping the same philosophy and essential guidelines for a sustainable grow, ASM Energy has been adapting itself to the new demands of the market, by increasing its commercial activity of market prospecting in the offshore energy, aiming the  diversification and expansion of its activity, products and solutions.

The reinforcement of the current market position in the onshore  wind industry is also a strategic goal for ASM Energia to diversifying customers and geographies and  following the market trends and their customers.

Many projects, many challenges, hard work and dedication of the entire team made these nine years that have gone a period full of success, growth and excellence that will certainly be replicated in the coming years!!