Demogravi3 – Offshore foundation

  • On 1 December, 2015

It was approved the application submitted to the European Programme Horizon 2020 to finance a project of manufacture and demonstration of an offshore foundation called DEMOGRAVI3, in which the ASM Energia participates as manufacturer of the metal structure.


EDP Renewables is the leader in this project which also includes the participation of more eight European companies beyond ASM Energia.

The GRAVI3 is an innovative hybrid offshore foundation (steel-concrete) designed for water depths between 35 to 60m. Due to certain characteristics that differentiate it from existing foundations, this structure can reduce the cost of offshore wind power installation.

The project mainly aims to test the structure (foundation) with the turbine installed, full scale and under real conditions (Aguçadoura Pilot Zone).

The installation is expected for the first half of 2017.

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