Photovoltaic plant for self-consumption starts production at ASM Offshore

  • On 16 April, 2021
At ASM Industries, the sustainability of all of our activity is fundamental for a better environment foreseeing an increasingly green economy, but also for our success!
Thus, we are pleased to announce the operacional start of a solar photovoltaic plant that will provide renewable electricity directly to our ASM Offshore operational unit, located in the Port of Aveiro.

The facility is located on the roof of the unit and is the result of an effort to reduce environmental impact as well as production costs.
The total installed power is 413.82 kW, occupying a coverage area of approximately 2500 m2. With this installation, we estimate to reduce about 18% of our annual consumption of electricity from the grid, thus reducing about 210 tons of CO2 emissions per year.
We remain fully committed to a more sustainable and green Planet!