Celebrating World Environment Day

  • On 5 June, 2016


Following the custom of last 42 years, it is celebrated today all around the world the WED 2016 – World Environment Day. This year’s host country is Angola and the chosen theme is “Go wild for life.”

As the main purpose of this day celebration is the awareness to the environment preservation, we take this opportunity to share some important indicators that allows to ASM Energia continually collect good points when it comes to its environmental responsibility.

In accordance with CCDR, every three years, we monitor the impact that our atmospheric emissions have on the environment. To this end, it was performed this year the monitoring of some of our chimneys, in which, it was verified that their values are below the stablished limits.

We also celebrate 2015 as the second consecutive year of compliance with Specific Energy Consumption Limits stablished by ADENE. As ASM Energia is considered an intensive energy consumer regulated by the environmental legislation, should keep this consumption below 4,047kgEp/m2 of painted plate until 2019.

All waste produced by ASM Energy is subjected to selecREN21tion, collection and solid recording, being collected by entities licensed for this purpose. There is an effort to reduce the amount of waste produced mainly waste considered hazardous or trivial, as well as the increasingly concern of recycling.

Finally, our product itself symbolizes the environment. Wind energy exceeded again its record of installations in 2015. Were installed worldwide over 63GW capacity (totalling 433GW) corresponding to a growth of 22% compared to 2014. Wind energy was the main source of new power generation in Europe, United States and the second leading in China. Improvements in technology and reduction of installation costs, currently make onshore wind power one of the most competitive energy sources available.